CBLE 2017

I have been so silent for several months now.

Now, I am going to share with you some pictures and at the same time my personal experience during the 2017 Customs Brokers Licensure Examination. It was a two-day event (November 22-23) that took place in several locations around PRC in Manila and in Cebu and Davao, if I am not mistaken. 

Since I am an officer of the Student Council, I was part of the event cheering for those PMI graduates who will be taking the exam on those two days. Part of which is to also hoping to mingle and meet with them and at least give them some loot bags as an encouragement to do good with the exam. 

My group was combined with officers of Student Council in Manila and we were assigned at the Nazarene Catholic School. During the first day, it was kind a bit of frustrating because we were not familiar with the place plus the fact that we also do not know the names and were not really familiar with the faces of the takers assigned on the said school but thanks to our prepared shirt and banners with some water, balloons, pencils and our encouraging spirit, we were able to meet some of the takers and even chat with some supporters from other universities. 

And with that, let me share some pictures during Days 1 and 2 of the 2017 CBLE. 

You can also check out my facebook page @iamsofluffy21 for more of these moments. 

Thanks :)

Foundation Day Celebration

In this year’s Founding Anniversary Celebration, there are so many reasons to celebrate.

We have installed a new president of the school at the same time, a new Student Council that we can consider to be fiercer and bolder compared to the previous counterparts. 

Road to Becoming an LCB

This should have been posted since last year but my blog was just created this year so here it goes.
#1. It all started when I got myself enrolled for Customs Administration at PMI Colleges Quezon City.
I was considered a transferee and an irregular student since it is not my first school ( I studied IT before ).
Being a newbie, I then pick major subjects, allied Subjects and some minor subjects to complete the load for the semester. I am also working that time, where I requested to be transferred in the night shift to accomodate my Class Schedules during the day.
It was a bit awkward though since most of my classmates are on their teens years but I got it. We looked to be on the same age though.
So here.
Take a look at some of my moments in school.


And so I have been so silent this couple of months. I have been very busy with work and school.

I was able to get myself enrolled. Unfortunately, there was this one major subject that I wasn't able to include for this semester. But still I hope I would be able to graduate by 2019.

And so I got myself involved in Student Council. I am not supposed to be running but due to the fact that no one seems deserving to lead the council, I jumped in and won as their first year representative. Some have questioned my candidacy as I am not a first year but technically I am.

We have so many plans for the school and so far, much of our proposed plans and programs are still pending but it is a good thing though that our acting president, Maam Angge is very considerate since she has experienced being also in the council before. And unlike the previous council, she has implemented first that there is a budget for us which amounts to 18k.

Well, we are going to use the funds as rolling funds for our projects and apart from that we also have fund raising projects to back up our future projects.

Well, we will just hope for the best!

And by the way, yesterday marked our 7th year and so basta..... haha

Good day everyone!!!

First day, first sem AY 2017-2018

June 13,2014

Today marked the first day of class in PMI Colleges, yet here I am still thinking of where I coud get the money for downpayment.

Yes, you read it right. I am currently short
of funds due to the displacement fee that I have paid for the summer classes. Which, I actually don't have any choice at all but to pay unless...haha.

Well, I will be going to school later today to check if my request for overload and reevaluation of grades will be approved plus to check the grades I had for the summer.

I am hoping that I would get a positive and good news today in the office as I really, badly need funds right now.

That's all. Thank you.

CBLE 2017